Hell I got a copy of every order and pay stub from when I was in the army. Attended Holabird in the Fall of 70. Cheers to my MI brothers. I never heard of anyone else that wanted to hunt – smart. For those of you who decide to locate this part of the post, make sure you wear proper footwear as the area in front of the hill closest casino to fort lee va is a marsh. I can’t believe any more of us deur op slot doen zonder sleutel took the time to document the place. Then volunteered for Nam and 18 and up casinos in tacoma washington went in December of 71, returned in Dec of 72. They warned us to stay a certain distance from the CRF (Central Records Facility) fence. Seems we were almost at war and all the Spanish speakers had been relocated – whether or not they finished the course. 1970,the VA has said that they have lost all of his medical records and they also said that no one had a physical at Fort Holabird during that time. Did a stint at Holabird closest casino to fort lee va to become a CI Agent in ’70, with interrogator for good measure. Got to spend several months TDY with the Navy at FICLANT. Thanks to Bill(? Went to Ft Holabird as I wanted a school close to the DC area as i spent 6 or 7 years growing up there and a few years in the Harrisburg area. Steve Schein (#153), Larry Hamilton (#292), Denny Nix (#1005) have a few things in common. I stayed at the Bird and they did go to Asia. And then there was the wonderful smells of Holabird; Federal Yeast to the south and Seagram’s to the east. Any help we can get would be greatly appricated. 1970. When we put in our requests for assignments, I asked for Holabird as a friend of mine was an instructor in the Aberdeen crew that ran the combat village and the surveillance programs. Baltimore surveillances were easy since I had grown up in many of the areas covered. Do you remember charles Bogan he was from C company fbut sspent closest casino to fort lee va a lot of time at our bar,he had been a pilot in WWII in closest casino to fort lee va the navy he was with special forces then but doing a leg tour in korea. About our groups: In all honisty I do not remember where or what division I was assigned. Everything said about Holabird by former students is perfectly true! My punishment was assignment as a BCT training officer at Ft. I wrote to these guys in Korea, and they were making the best of it. I wanted to get married, and a friend of his in G-1 said our whole class was going to FECOM (Japan and Korea). Thought I had died and gone to heaven after thirteen years and right in my old back closest casino to fort lee va yard! Tank Hill is just beyond the 2nd baseball diamond. What was the name of the how many chips does each person get in texas holdem bar right outside the main gate? Thanks Scott Weldy (406). Jerry Smith (#982) gave me this site. Remember the younger kid not an agent, hell we were old at 23, whose dream in life was to get a size 17 neck, all he did was best of slots ii download work out. I had a great time in Koza, Ted Stone and I became good friends, what a character. The three jeep test tracks are still intact. Ft. I still have a special order extract granting our MOS of 97B40 to all of those that graduated on 22 Apr 66. I completed the Tactical Intel Course (MOS 9301) Jul 69. That woman, who looked like a sweet old grey-haired lady, was very serious about typing and typewriters. I was in Klecka’s last class, before her retirement, hers and the Underwoods! We tried to bounce that bridge as high as we could from then on and from then on our nickname for Fort Holobird was “college on the Colgate. Among my duties I can speak about, I served as S1, pay master and ban man. Some talents are never lost! I got to Holabird, Jun 69 via Ft. I had to make the exchange. I remember all of those places very well. Some of the names you mentioned ring but not real hard. Two guys from my clas at the bird that come over at about the same time i did were a Jerry Saxton and a North Thurston. Remember the two captins that stopped in ocassionally for a drink or two but come to find out there were actually CIA. They strongly emphasized security and secrecy. I ended by active duty as Deputy G2, Ft. Any chance of getting them uploaded by MI Group on the site? Who else was DAME & DASE trained? On the first day of classes we marched in formation over the bridge over Colgate Creek. Now my image of a stream and the sight of Colgate Creek never did mess. Periodically they put us on fatigue duty on Saturday. I know that I worked with the Korean National Police and CIA. I went to school at Gonzaga U in Spokane. Thanks Frank Davis (407), I teamed with Walt Gainey on CE teams with the 526th. We policed the fort and occasionally moved furniture or painted. Ed Harris (405)I am also having a problem with some of the names, I arrived at LAFO in March 1966 and served on several PSI teams, mainly in the Valley, before ending up on SI with CWO3 Suzuki (not sure). No shotgun was available for me from our quartermaster. Early release at that time. 97B40A My poker tips and tricks texas holdem second stop was to find what the locals call “Tank Hill”. Everyone was asking for Austria or Chicago or some other choice spot. His archives are also worth a look! Of course, I could not pass up showing my buddies the back doors of the Gayety and Globe (burlesque) Theaters. They found out that I spoke spanish. closest casino to fort lee va 96D Image Interpetor . Please post what you know. I’ll bet those of us who served outside of CONUS have more pics. ” Our first typing class was on that first day of classes. Then there was the agent who had been there so long that he spoke Korean fluently. REmember the e-6 who had come to Korea from either DAME or DASE school and then made warrant officer. Polk (Aug-Dec 69). IHOR (Iggi) Like many others, I also stumbled onto the site, just like finding the Fort. When I was walking the denuded small mountain with no sign of any birds let alone pheasants, I thought how dumb can we be for hunting on bare mountainsides that may have unexploded ordnance. We are surching for anyone who had a physical there during Sept. Just like old times. All of us served in RVN with 3rd Bn, 525 MIG and our tours overlapped. Pleasant memories of Ft closest casino to fort lee va Holabird. ) for the U-Tube video. Jerry and I connected earlier this year by email. Seems like he was an e-6 with casino theme party supplies perth a korean wife. I also connected by phone closest casino to fort lee va with Dave Hoster, who was S4 for the 3rd Bn. Dix (Jul-Nov 69, BCT and AIT Infantry), . Some of us were more afraid of her than the other instructors. Great group of classmates. Thanks to all. I never got my instructor’s slot, but was transferred to the 116th and civilian status. Mostly I remember studying hard and gathering a large amount of information. One weekend in 1957 several of us decided to hunt pheasants in the ROK. Then off to the 902nd, 113th and finally CICV. Who would have believed it was so small after the Basic Training forts we all attended. I believe that Field Commander was Maj Lusk and he had a hard time with some of the younger agents. Belvoir (Jan-Jun 69, Engineer OCS). Maude Klecka, FNU LNU, A-F 1-5, LIDMAC. Hausner’s, a great East Baltimore institution, has been closed for years and the building on Eastern Avenue sits empty although still in reasonable shape from outward appearances. I think Jim runs the blog and kudos to him for an excellent site. He would provide two gallons of antifreeze and receive a shotgun for the weekend. It is located on Pine Street across from Donna’s Tavern, just closest casino to fort lee va down the street from the Dundalk American Legion Hall inside Cimaglia Park at Fort Holabird, aptly named. The sarge worked a trade with another quartermaster. While marching troops to class, couldn’t resist calling cadence instead of route step across the aluminum bridge which bounced an unsuspecting officer damned near into stinking, mushy Colgate Creek. Was fox the older man that had is fre skin removed while he was over there??? I grew up in Spokane, WA and had never been further east than Missoula, MT. Thanks for your posting on the site. Holabird Inn? I will be glad to contact those Holabird grads that I know to answer your question. You will recall that Bonnie lost her husband, Bill, on March 25th. Wasn’t the sub place named something like Harley’s? I would like to leave Bonnie’s query open to all of you who post on this site. You must be about 80 years of age. I served in the 3rd Bn Jan 70-Jan 71). It is easily the highest point on the old Fort Holabird site. They claimed Ft Holabird was just like a college campus; and, in fact, there was a stream running through the post. The more power to you. Dix. Seems like he sat with his back against the outside wall of the quanset hut. Woke up in October ‘62 to a partially empty camp including a couple of my classmates. Afterwards sent to DC for two weeks then off to Ft Bragg. Happy 60th wedding anniversary! That weas the statement the two CI agants used in recruiting me. My husband had an entrance physical at Holabird Sept. Bill, the “college campus” reference made me crack-up. Final MOS 96D2TSR. I can think of no better way to honor his memory than by answering her request.


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