People may argue that the reason is due to the higher how many hands of poker per hour live volume of hands being played compared to non-online poker games, but if you look at the statistics of it all you will find that there are WAY too many bad beats occuring. Today i was doing real well in a re buy tourney i have pocket 8’s . So to say it’s random is completely assanine. The flop comes 8 J J i’m first to bet so i slow play the full house like i’m supposed to and i get action so i call and the turn is a 4 . While most internet poker sites have not shown these irregularities, we strongly advise to avoid Party Poker. Flop full house, i lose. And the bottom of the deck thing is just a visual glitch… Everyone is blowing the whole thing way out of porportion…. I mean I get what people are saying 8 3 and they flop nuts when u have aces. I give up on online poker. It was a J and guess what he was holding in his hand . What is Probability? I am pissed and something needs to be done about it. When I play online poker I usually play 4 games geant casino fontaine les dijon 14 juillet at once and the tables flops (at Party Poker)coincide from table to table, which sometimes I can figure out whether or not to play my hand based on what happens at the other tables Mostly I avoid Party Poker, but I am sure their betsson casino real ili besplatne igre is a way to use this rigged site to your advantage in knowing that it is fixed. This is the gaming commission that controls these websites. But im sure they will get caught and I hope they die anyone who says it isn’t rigged Is clearly chinease or cheating themselves. I have the news footage to prove it too. I certainly did so I found a fish and hooked him up to the USB port on my computer and did the same to myself. Hit flush, i lose. I just dont get the card up the sleeve thing. But then again ive hit trips at casino twice with pocket aces and gone out to straight draw when I read what he had an he intantly calved with a draw after the rebuy when were both 1st and 2nd, funnly enough I was 2nd after a hour and a half with aces 2nd place up againt first In this lesson we’re going to give an overview of probability and how it relates to poker. Just leaving a comment to say I would probably pay more money everyday just to know if its rigged for peace of mind cause I mean I 100% bevieve it is jual id zynga poker level champion cause I doubt 99% of the world is brain dead . I say that I'm a semi-professional, because obviously 5 hours of "work" per week isn't really playing at a professional level. Shame on you chris casino rv parks northern california moneymaker, shame on you greg raymer and shame on anybody else who helps to promote these corrupt sites. Note: I had cashed out for a tourney i came in 4 th place the night before . Considering my level of understanding of the game, including knowing what I don't know, honest evaluation of the competition, and doubledown casino chips promo code a general comfort level with the game, I can objectively say that I don't think luck plays a large part in my results. I don’t know what to make of it . Flop straight, i lose. We got same pair i got better kicker, i lose on river. M sad to say that I used to be one of those . I don’t care if pokerstars or anybody finds out about what i am saying . The CIA doesn’t sell any kind of software on how many hands of poker per hour live ebaY, much less “classified” vector digital imaging software for $50. Too many other poker sites with a better chance of being legite to take a chance on a suspicious site. I play a lot after winning big and when i do i used to go to ring mesa de poker santa cruz bolivia games or sitn’go . The results of this experiment are below: No I’m not pshychic I just have had this exact same scenario happen to me so many times, and it never varies is why I was able to predict this outcome. For one example, an inordinate amount of straights, almost 4 times the random expectation per hands played, appeared in our study. I am done playing online . Statistically speaking, it's also somewhat possible that I've just gotten lucky over this time. Guess what the river was !!! It’s a damn computer programmed, programmed to due whatever the programmers how many hands of poker per hour live are paid to make it do. Always seem to make 4th but could never crack the money. We’ll also cover how to calculating your odds and outs, in addition to introducing you to the concept of pot odds. You got it . I wonder if 15,000 hands is enough of a history to review and genting poker live stream star city determine if ‘things out of the ordinary’ are happening. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! After recording 15,000 hands on FTP I noticed that if I started with pocket kings another player had pocket aces a little over 6% of the time. The same mohawks who smuggled liquor and cigarettes out of new york to sell for profit. This book is more complex than the first two, and many of the plays it prescribes will only work against decent players. And finally we’ll take a look at how an understanding of the math will help you to remain emotional stable at the poker table and how many hands of poker per hour live why you should focus on decisions, not results. You got it . Ever wonder why you harldy ever see anyone from montreal, or quebec on these sites . Party poker is sooooooooooo rigged. While that is a funny post, the actual statistic tell a different story. It’s a fucking rip off. He bets and i raise all-in for 25,000. Seriously. Putting this bullshit in your story completely discredits anything you said. T good poker players. Proof Online Poker is Rigged One can hardly read any poker forum without running across individuals claiming that this or that site is rigged. The same mohawks who murdered a policeman . Worse kicker, i lose. I just can’t believe that this site gets away with this blantant and obvious card rigging. He calls my all-in . I was one of the doubters until I actually caught one site cheating. You should continue to work on hand reading and thinking very critically about how each of your possible plays will work against that range. For a poker player attempting to play with the odds, these rel=sults were how many hands of poker per hour live startling to way the least. After running a statistical review of Party Poker over 35,000 hands and blackjack a surgeon with the hands of god watch online 8 different players we found the distribution of cards and winning hands to be heavily scewed toward certain outcomes. Yesterday i played for more than an hour and a half on a tourney at pokerstars and i was not able to get a decent starting hand . I believe that the true odds are really less than 1%. The same mohawks whom their elders(government) supported this . An anyone who tells u they makin a livin online is talkin crap. Co-incidence my ass. But it seems everytime i do a cashout I lose and lose and lose . It’s just way too much of a coincedence that there are so many bad beats happening on the sites. No wonder i can’t win. Wouldn’t mind if i was a crap player but i haven’t played a live cash game and lost for a long time. I must have been involved in 10-15 races today, not won one. Its not like the guy is actually there able to use the card!!!!!!!!! Re losing is because they aren. I am getting out now while i still have my shirt on my back . I think all the losers need to quit whining because they cant manage to keep there account in the plus… I have never had any problem ruling every table almost and I certainly dont cheat… All of u need to read a few poker books and all of a sudden u will realize that the whole cheating idea hard rock palm springs gambling is proposturous….. While we can not say for certain whether Party Poker has written these how many hands of poker per hour live irregularities into their program, or if they are how many hands of poker per hour live even aware of them, it is not advisable to play at a site where the deal is not random as robots and other statistical methods of cheating could be possible. Another thing . Its not a god dang real player.. Card up the sleeve or not I dont see how it matters, its a computer player. 30 caliber browning machine guns . Seeing The World Through The Eyes of a Fish Have you ever been left scratching your head trying to figure out why your opponent played the hand the way he que tan malo es ir al casino did? Pokerstars and most all other sites run out of khanawake, Quebec canada . By the way, do you even how many hands of poker per hour live know what that means? I. Usually they are humiliated with the forum . Only one winner an that is the site. This will include the probability of being dealt certain hands and how often they’re likely to win. One last comment . Then i heard that they load the table with 3 or more players and they are all on msn messenger communicating there hands to each other . Experts. You are a damn idiot. Corrupt, murderers, terrorists. The same mohawks who barricaded the mercier bridge and held the city of montreal hostage with . So Beware all . It’s because they know . I could never win . Party poker is perfectly ligit…. Rudely telling them that the reason they. You would have had to take vector calculus with some advanced computer science courses to even begin to comprehend how that stuff works, and judging from your rambling, I would guess you struggled to graduate high school. Party Poker needs to be audited and taken off the internet. While moving up to this new limit, or even just before, read Hold'Em For Advanced Players. Bad beat my ass. Why don’t these stories circulate? An indian reservation run by the mohawk nation. I seem to do not so bad in tournies . Experts.. He had the last J . I just cant win for shit.


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