On his very next spin, Noel says it was like slow motion as he watched the Quick Hit symbols on the slot reels, one after the other, stop in the middle of the screen. It was Elizabeth exclaiming that the wheel landed on her number. Eden R. Casino hotels in Aruba offer the excitement of gaming either on-site at the property or at casinos located conveniently nearby. At palm beach casino london craps a $1. Ardean C. All of a sudden, a scream came from the audience. Congratulations batman arkham city riddler gotham casino Leon! ” The Palm Desert, CA woman was one of 24 finalists vying that night for the new set of wheels. Kevin was born in Korea and moved to the United States with his family at the age of 19. In addition to his real estate career, Kevin owned a local family restaurant for 12 years. During her first visit to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino recently, she played a penny “Red Hot Jackpot” slot machine. Now has a big decision on her hands. She says she’s not sure what she’ll do with the $10,000 she recently won playing a palm beach casino london craps $1. First settling in Los Angeles, he later moved to the Palm Springs, CA area in 1998. She never played it, however, until one fateful Saturday. “I only swiped my Fantasy Rewards card once to enter,” he said. She calls it pure luck. Estella smiled big as she held her big casino check for the camera. Who lives part-time in La Quinta scored $25,920 playing a 12x Pay $1. “Oh My God,” she thought to herself. 01 Million Pennies slot machine into scored $10,000. Leon had luck on his side as several other contestants chose suitcases on the prize stage. Pulls up to the valet entrance at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, she will step out of her brand new, luxury E350 Mercedes Benz. Douglas G. “I’ve always wanted to travel and this is my ticket,” said Beverly. “Every time I came in for about a month, I walked by this Blazing 7s slot machine and looked at it,” admits Marianne. He said he played the machine for about 30 minutes when some of the bells started to sound. 00 Blazing 7s slot, so Marianne gave it a few spins. As part of the $125,000 Bank Busters Drawing, Leon chose the case containing $10,000. Prior to joining Fantasy Springs, Kevin spent six successful years in commercial real estate sales. 25 slot machine and said she only played for about five minutes before hitting the jackpot. Eden is one of only four people to score the top prize palm beach casino london craps all month. He went into even bigger shock when he discovered his was the winning case. The landscaper from Indio walked away a huge winner Saturday night. Noel won $10,000 and will use the money to pay for some wigan casino northern soul nights of his daughter’s schooling. Are you next? He says he has never won any kind of jackpot before so you can bet the surprise he got. He was given a choice between the car, a 2012 Range Rover Evoque, or a cash prize of 40-thousand-dollars. He was the $125,000 Bank Busters contestant centurion poker run akron ohio who picked the grand prize suitcase containing a cool 10-grand. You can bet the big check turned a lot of heads. Made the hour-or-so drive from her hometown of palm beach casino london craps Brawley, CA to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio recently and boy is she glad she did. At Fantasy Springs palm beach casino london craps Resort Casino we have a rich Bingo heritage. Ann H. Enjoy stud poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps and much more while staying in comfortable resorts offering amenities to suit various budgets and styles. Marianne W. Retired from San Diego, Ann says she was merely enjoying a few minutes playing the slot machine (about 5 minutes to be exact) when three “Quick Hit” symbols lined up across the center of the screen. Estella zeroed in on a “Hot Shot” penny progressive slot machine. She does not have any immediate plans for her $16,954. Kevin possesses a strong customer service background. Margaret made the trip from her town just north of Los Angeles recently and came away nearly $20,000 richer. Kevin is a team player and is available all the time to assist guests and provide great service to palm beach casino london craps Fantasy Springs Resort Casino's VIP players. Each contestant was called to the game stage and was asked to select a keychain at random. Leon S. 00 Quick Hit slot machine, Noel says he played about 30 minutes. 00. “At first I thought someone else won because I thought it couldn’t be me,” said Margaret. Went back to Los Angeles with a cool $10,000 in his pocket after a recent stop in to Fantasy Springs mighty slots nd bonus codes Resort Casino. In the grand scheme of jackpots at casinos, $5,705 may not seem like that much, but to Beverly S. Estella M. 00 Quick Hit Double Jackpot 7s slot machine at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. We offer a wide variety of your favorite games packaged in a multitude of buy-in options throughout the week, making any time the right time to play. “I was so excited,” she says. Leon is one of only four people to score the top prize all month. For him, his second visit was a charm and his win came at a very opportune time as his daughter is about to start college.  In his free time, Kevin enjoys golfing (5 handicap) and cooking. Noel B. From Twentynine Palms, CA was able to parlay his bets on a $0. With payouts like this, it’s no wonder Fantasy Springs Resort received a Casino Player “Best Of” award for video slots. 95 win, though she says she plans to continue visiting Fantasy Springs and the Coachella Valley. The crowd watched in baited anticipation to see where the wheel would stop. She scored big on a Pot of Gold $0. Each keychain bared a number corresponding to a space on the prize wheel that sat on the stage. A plumber by trade, Doug told casino staff he planned to use some of the money to pay bills and would definitely make more trips to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. Eden is a bell attendant in the Palm Springs area and says he was in disbelief when his name was called to the prize stage. The retired teacher visits Fantasy Springs and the Palm Springs area about once a week. She had only played $28. Casinos generally remain open for long hours and guests must be ages 18 or older to enter. Play every day in our new Bingo Palace featuring both smoking and non-smoking areas and an expansive snack bar offering cool drinks and hot entrees. 00 slot machine. From Palm Desert, CA took home $10,000 as osage casino in tulsa oklahoma a recent Saturday’s grand prize winner. For her palm beach casino london craps “investment,” she was rewarded with a jackpot of $21,133. She did not have any immediate plans for her winnings. Of Westlake Village, CA. The next time Elizabeth W. She found no other players taking their turn at the $1. Way to go Eden! She put in $40 and 10 minutes later, three Blazing seven symbols lined up across the center of the screen. Of Sun Lakes, AZ, it is her dream come true. She'll certainly look good driving down the streets of the Palm Springs area in her luxury prize. “It was so neat because everyone around me, even the employees, were so happy for me,” said Arlene. Elizabeth drove away with the $60,000 vehicle on Saturday, February 26th from Fantasy Springs as the grand prize winner in the “Romance the Road Mercedes Benz Cash & Prize Giveaway. She plans to put most of her winnings in the bank, though may save some for her next trip to Fantasy Springs. Congratulations to Margaret E. From La Quinta, CA left Fantasy Springs Resort Casino after a recent Saturday night $10,000 richer. Congratulations Beverly. After earning two qualifying chances to become eligible for the Rolling out the Range Rover Giveaway, Ramon won his biggest jackpot to date. Of Placentia, CA says that the saying, “a watched pot never boils,” is not true. To her surprise, she hit a jackpot of her own after playing only $40. She said she had been enjoying herself in the casino for about two hours largest casino in reno nv when palm beach casino london craps her fortune hit. Sessions: It was a fantastic first weekend of the New Year for Valley resident Ramon M.


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