For Wilson, the guest’s satisfaction is his main goal. photos slot winners graton casino After each of the 12 players opened his or her envelope, Harold B. “I thought I must have been dreaming,” she said when she realized she won a $10,000 jackpot in very little time. Made a trip to the lower desert from the higher desert in Victorville, CA. “$20,000! Whether it was luck or the alliteration of the name of the slot machine on her side, Jill’s all-American machine rewarded her with a $15,000 jackpot. She said it was hard blue roulette summer edition download for her to believe it, photos slot winners graton casino though she said she can definitely use the money and will probably give some of it to her children. Originally from Havana, Cuba. “People should pay attention to their horoscopes,” she said. Most recently, David won a cool $21,600 on a $5 Triple 7 Red Hot slot machine. Her time spent on the 5 cent slot netted her a $5,536. During his free time he likes to watch and play sports and spending time with his 2 beautiful children. 25 Double Super Times Pay Royal Flush video poker machine she liked. That winning hand scored her a cool $10,000. Thinking about his lucky turn of events logically, he said it could have been him or anyone else in the casino at the time, though he’s happy the machine worked in his favor. Retired from San Diego, Ann says she was merely enjoying a few minutes playing the slot machine (about 5 minutes to be exact) photos slot winners graton casino when three “Quick Hit” symbols lined up across the center of the screen. He says he plans to support one of his college’s scholarships with his winnings. Paulette D. Our customers will recognize Wilson for his great personality and charisma. Wilson began his career in the gaming industry as a Player's Club Representative and in October 2016 joined our Player Development Team. From Imperial, CA has his luck follow him into Fantasy Springs. It's no surprise this machine is his favorite, he plays it 2-3 times a week and it's not the first time he's won big. Kamil Z. It was at this early point in his career that Dan learned the importance of providing the best in customer service for his VIP clientele. Congratulations Alwyn! She says she’s not sure what she’ll do with the $10,000 she recently won playing slot wins max bet 2014 a $1. "Oh, shoot! 00 Quick Hit Double Jackpot 7s slot machine at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. “At first I thought someone else won because I thought it couldn’t be me,” said Margaret. Dan enjoys golf, sunsets in Hawaii and spending time with family and friends. She played for a while, then the top row of cards revealed something monumental for Margaret Ann. She scored big on a Pot of Gold $0. Maxine told casino staff she will likely invest some of her jackpot money. After 10 years, working in the Advertising Agency, he left to take photos slot winners graton casino care of his family’s restaurant. She mentioned she had a positive horoscope that day which alluded that she would be lucky. She plans to put most of her winnings in the bank, though may save some for her next trip to Fantasy Springs It sounds like a beautiful bouquet and smells like a jackpot for R. osage million dollar elm casino tulsa ok Ricky came to United Stated when he was 13 cerveza poker promocion gana casa years old and live in Los Angeles County for more than 30 years. Agraim says she sat at the Wild Rose slot for quite a while but now plans to head out to the shopping mall with her winnings. In April 2010, he scored a $21,000 jackpot on a 12Xs Pay slot machine. Maxine G. David says he will be back to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino to see if his luck follows him a third time. Local regular Alwyn K. 25 slot machine and said she only played for about five minutes before hitting the jackpot. Just minutes after sitting down at a $1. This accountant sure knows his way around money. Ann H. Dan's commitment to superior guest service is a mission, not a one time event. In 2000, photos slot winners graton casino he joined Bentley Price Associates as a gaming consultant, his duties including providing casino hosts customer service training. Of Westlake Village, CA. Jill Q. The New Mexico resident says all that went through her mind when the rows lined up was, “Wow! She planned to use some of the money to pay bills and to save the rest. Agriam who was able to line up three wild roses at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. David D. Of Bermuda Dunes took photos slot winners graton casino a short trip to Fantasy Springs the day after Thanksgiving. Of Palm Desert said she could not believe it when her penny slot machine rewarded her with a $19,399 jackpot. ” Donetta plans to use her winnings for a trip to visit her daughter. In 1990, Dan became Executive Director of texas holdem poker chip para kazanma hilesi Marketing for Bally's Casino Resort. Since Jill is living out her American dream, she selected a $50 Star Spangled Sevens slot machine. Wow! Congratulations to Margaret E. Won $11,998. Each contestant selected an envelope big casino jimmy eat world meaning from one of the spaces on the giant game board. Dan joined Hilton Gaming in 1992 as Regional Marketing Manager. No plans for the money yet, but he does plan on returning to his favorite machine at his favorite casino soon. After the 25 minutes were up, the Claremont resident saw that the lights on his machine began to flash. He started his career in Advertising Agency, helping clients to promote their product on special events, Media, Broadcast and Outdoor. Drove to Fantasy Springs from the Inland crazy moose casino pasco menu Empire photos slot winners graton casino town of Claremont for one of his twice-a-year visits. “I was actually quite relaxed when I discovered I won,” said Kamil, who is also a professor, about his $18,551. Donetta D. Dan began his career in 1987 as San Francisco Branch Manager for the Las Vegas Tropicana. She says she’s a self-employed, self-made woman and enjoys spending some free time at casinos, though now Fantasy Springs is at the top of her list. Harold B. Was able to crack the safe on the Fort Knox slot machine at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. 00 Quick Hit slot machine and with only $40 wagered, Paulette’s machine paid off in a big way. Of Thousand Palms was one of the 12 called to the “Bank Buster” Giveaway stage. Wilson is looking forward to meeting new faces and providing a phenomenal guest experience to our players. Prior to joining Fantasy Springs Resort, Dan was Vice President of Player Development for Ameristar Casino located in Chicagoland, the third largest commercial gaming market in the United States. His favorite hobbies include baseball, soccer, racquetball and video games; He also loves to spend time hollywood casino st charles phone number with his family and friends. On her final bet of the hand, she was dealt a royal flush, the best you can get. Wilson came to the United States and moved to the Coachella Valley in December 2014. " she shouted. Margaret made the trip from her town just north of Los Angeles recently and came away nearly $20,000 richer. ” he thought when he first saw he won. He says he wagered around $60 and only played the lucky machine for about three minutes when he saw the reels line up across the center of the screen. 00 on a 2X Wild and Crazy nickel machine during his recent trip. Kamil liked a closest casino to gatlinburg tn 1¢ Hot Shot Progressive slot machine and played for about 25 minutes. Now has a big decision on her hands. This floral arrangement was worth $25,000 for the Cathedral City resident. Dan was instrumental in rapidly expanding MGM's National Marketing presence by hiring the best Casino Executives to provide world class service to VIP Players. Of Destin, Florida. 00 jackpot. In 1995, he went to the MGM Grand Hotel and was quickly promoted to Vice President of Western Regional Marketing. She had only played $28. Margaret Ann visited Fantasy Springs recently and found a $0. Discovered his contained a lot of cash - $10,000 in cash. Dan has learned over the years that the casinos that have the most success at building a guest-service culture are those that do it from the top down and the bottom up. A big congratulations goes out to Margaret Ann J. She calls it pure luck.


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