Also the clear plastic collector is very loose and is not properly secured to hold all decks especially 6. The names "Poker" and "Bridge" only refer to the size of the card and do not necessarily mean the card has been made to play only the games of Bridge or Poker. When you shop at Playing Cards and More, you are dealing with experienced players that share your passion for playing cards. Simply load half the cards to be shuffled into the left side, half into the right side. It actually worked best at 4. This equates to about 10 percent of the total card width. It also works with the cheaper cards (paper ones) like go fish, old maid, ect, and with the casino in rio de janeiro standard style of card so it really is usable by the whole family. 5”H x 2. We carry plastic Bridge cards too; plus, we offer colorful Bridge Sets with matching score pads and tallies. It is pretty self explanatory on how to use (which is good because no directions came with it! Some of the reviewers apparently haven't been to a casino and observed the how to see how many memory slots are used auto shufflers there. We can ship either Standard or Jumbo Index Pinochle decks right to your door. I noticed the thing was VERY fast and pretty rough on the cards. 5 inches wide by 3. Both wide (poker) and narrow (bridge) size playing card sets use poker deck vs bridge deck a standard deck. Easy fix: There are two recessed screws in each battery compartment- remove them, pull the unit apart. I tested the unit with my bench power supply set to 6v. Repeated several times over probably an hour. 5”H x 2. I took it apart. Unfortunately it was too late to do anything about it so I'm mulling over in my head a way to get the motor secured so it'll work. I should've just returned this damned shuffler as it didn't work AT ALL out of the box. All bridge sets feature a colorful double-deck, plus matching tallies, poker deck vs bridge deck and a score pad. But casino near fort walton beach florida we do know that during an actual Bridge game, players hold many more cards in their hands than players of other card games. We strive hard everyday to earn your trust, Playing Cards and More is your online card shop for Poker, Bridge, Pinochle, and Canasta. Within seconds, your cards are shuffled and ready to deal. If Poker is your game, try our quality 100% plastic playing cards from ACE, KEM, Gemaco, Copag, and Modiano. I had high expectations, now I have a project on my hands rather than something that should make card playing easier and more fun. Sooo.. We carry the most colorful designs from Congress, Springbok, and the Gem Collection. Add the 5th star. This does not sound like much, but to some people it is very important. There was a completely broken solder joint on the back of one of the motors which broke continuity to the entire circuit. Your guess is as good as ours. Bridge sized cards are 3. Junk. 5 inches tall. So most common games are able to be played with either type of card. Make it out of aluminum. Cards not included. So to add a star. I came across this one and figured I would give it a try. 4 it will do but with 6 once fully shuffled it could fall out due to the fact that there isn't enough guides to keep it in place. But the thing is less than $10 and not worth my time to return it. A narrow (bridge) size playing card is 2. Playing Cards and More is your online shop for quality playing cards, and Bicycle playing cards are just the beginning. And relocate the press bar that activates the machine. Well, we are not sure. This product will function using a Poker sized deck of cards or cards stating a size of 3. Be sure to check out our incredible bulk deals. I was looking for a card shuffler to use when we play cards at home. If you need Bridge decks, our selection of Bridge cards & Bridge sets is unrivaled. Place in shuffler where it restacks them into another stack. So the total difference between the narrow (bridge) size and wide (poker) size playing cards is . I placed two AA batteries on each deck and shuffled. They take the multiple decks in a stack, separate them, shuffle them, separate them and shuffle them again. In regards to the comparison of this unit and a ‘manual’ unit, the only difference is the pressing of a button vs. Whether your game is Texas Hold'em, Gin, Rummy, Euchre, Bridge, Pinochle or Canasta, you can count on us to offer the finest quality decks available anywhere. Just as others have said- the lever to turn the unit on is crap. Not that you need much for it, but there was no manual, company info, returns, repairs, warranty cust service info. ) and operating doesn't take a lot of coordination so the kids are comfortable with using it. 25 inches wide by 3. Ideal for children, seniors or anyone who finds it difficult to shuffle cards. Have a spring loaded clamp for each deck to hold them in place and apply the pressure to keep them in place and it will help the wheels pull them into the center. I repaired the solder joint and tweaked the "power poker deck vs bridge deck switch" because the contacts barely touched when depressed. Most games that deal from hand use the narrow (bridge) card to assist with professionally manipulating the deck. Therefore, it is only common to name the narrow size playing card as bridge. This also might have something to do with CAH's problem. Push push push, might work - more likely not, or might hardly work as if the batteries are going dead, then run at full speed for a second. 25” W, which are slightly narrow, and could work in this unit. I looked at the manufacture origin and it was made in China. I lowered the voltage and repeated the tests. 5”W. Separate your decks into two even stacks. It is fast and efficient, but doesn't feel real solid. Ok here's the deal. And push one button. This product is built cheaply and is a bit flimsy but the shuffling principal is the same. We carry the highest quality brands. Most decks are available in Jumbo Index. Is Pinochle your game? They evenly stacked into the center at the same time. This should have been inspected before it left the factory. "rinse and repeat" For the cost of the machine you will get a very uneven restacking. Most games that are dealt from a shoe use the wide (poker) size, since larger cards are often preferred by players. It will handle up poker deck vs bridge deck to six casinos in oklahoma close to wichita ks (6) decks which is a lot cards!! We have plenty of Bicycle Pinochle cards in stock, along with Stud, Eagle, Stingray, and 100% plastic pinochle decks poker deck vs bridge deck by Copag. Works with up to six poker deck vs bridge deck decks of standard poker-sized cards or narrower bridge-style cards. There were also no directions. So why complicate matters with those specific names? Separate and reshuffle them into another stack. It appears to be one of those not-so-well-made products with poor QC out the door. The other problem is that you need a bit of weight on the two decks to be shuffled. The Six-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler is a superfast way to shuffle cards, so you can get back to the game in no time. My first use, only about 20% of one deck shuffled over to the center stack. If you need Pinochle decks, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for 100% plastic Bridge cards, nobody has a better selection than we do. Shuffling by hand . If Canasta is your game, enjoy Stingray Canasta cards with the Canasta point values on every card. In general a wide (poker) size playing card is 2. 25 inches in width only. 5v, but 5v was pretty good too. 5 inches tall. Remove the single lever screw, bend the bottom metal tab up slightly, re-assemble.


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