BattleTech (MechWarrior) Epub Novels

From the moment Decision at Thunder Rift published in 1986, novels have consistently proven the best way to convey the fantastic stories that have kept fans coming back to the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe for three decades. What’s more a host of players across the years have found the joy that comes from reading a gripping story they can then attempt to re-create on their own gaming table, or re-experience through one of the dozen of computer games touching on many of those same epic stories. A host of amazing authors have brought more than a hundred novels to publication, covering every era of BattleTech.

While new, original novels will publish in electronic format in the future, the entire back catalog of classic BattleTech novels is making its way to epublication. Several dozen novels are already available, with more on the way. The two best sources for these epubs are:

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From beyond the periphery comes a threat. A military force of unknown origin.

Nothing we have can stop them. Their power, speed and ferocity are unparalleled. Some of the finest warriors and ablest units have challenged them and failed. No force from the Inner Sphere has faced them and won.

The Clans! A military juggernaut whose sole reason for being is battle. A race of human warriors that selectively breeds itself for combat. The Inner Sphere’s only hope is an alliance of mortal enemies. The Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, interstellar empires at war for centuries, must now stand side-by-side or face certain destruction.

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