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From the monthly archives: December 2009

Would you like to support MekTek’s Assault Tech1: BattleTech
developments? If you would, please note that AT1 is eligible for
nomination for MODDB Indie Game Of The Year. The competition is steep and we realize that our final build is still in public beta status but if you wish to support MekTek and […]

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The Engineers’ Playground

As the Inner Sphere reels from the devastating Jihad, factories have been shattered and supply lines strained. As the collective might of the Inner Sphere’s military industries rally to the cause, technicians plying the wreckage of a thousand battles across the war-ravaged realms scramble to piece together new weapons for the fight […]

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Effective immediately, Catalyst Game Labs is lowering the prices for its core rulebook PDFs for all game lines. This includes:


Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition: $15

Runner’s Companion: $12

Arsenal: $12

Augmentation: $12

Unwired: $12

Street Magic: $12


Total Warfare: $15

TechManual: $15

Tactical Operation: $15

Strategic Operations: $15


CthulhuTech Core Rulebook: $15


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