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From the monthly archives: May 2010

Origins Game Fair

June 23rd to 27th 2010

Greater Columbus Convention Center

Columbus, Ohio

MekTek and Virtual World Entertainment will be joining forces at Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio to create the first official “Mech Gathering”, our first joint effort between VWE and MT to bring core members of their respective […]

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In 3055, an unknown pirate menace threatened several Lyran border worlds. Known only as the “Red Corsair,” this brutal pirate leader broke several militias and preyed upon its victims with no mercy. In response to ComStar’s pleadings, forces from Clan Wolf and the famed mercenary Kell Hounds pursued the mysterious pirate band across several Lyran […]

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The following books have a Street Date of May 24th, 2010:

BattleTech Historical: Operation Klondike ($29.99)

Shadowrun Runner’s Companion, reprint ($34.99)

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More than 120 novels have been published for the perennial BattleTech and Shadowrun universes across the last two plus decades: both with a huge, vibrant history and compelling characters that have entertained millions around the world. However, most of that fiction has been out of print for long years.

With the launch of the […]

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MekTek has returned service to their MekMatch cluster so users should now be able to play online once again. Users are advised to ignore MTX and launch the game from their Start Menu or desktop icon until we can restore our web services.

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On May 1, 2010 By

The release of MechWarrior 4 Free is a testament to the re-ignited, world-wide interest in the BattleTech/MechWarrior computer games. Within 4 hours of the launch had received more than a 100,000 unique hits from around the globe. As the demand reached 10,000 simultaneously downloads, even the heavy-duty server couldn’t stand up to the demand […]

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