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From the monthly archives: September 2010

Catalyst October 27th Street Dates

On September 30, 2010 By

The following products have a Street Date of OCTOBER 27th, 2010:

Jihad Hot Spots: Terra ($29.99)

For more than ten years, the Word of Blake’s Jihad has engulfed the states of the Inner Sphere and the invading Clans in chaos and fire. Reeling from attacks on all fronts, realms have fought one another while […]

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The following product has a Street Date of SEPTEMBER 29th, 2010:


What was the VITAS outbreak like for the people who were there? What was Renraku Arcology—and its operating software—like before it became a total nightmare? How does it feel to get off a plane and set foot in the […]

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The crew at continue to out perform themselves every year with large, brilliant dioramas to showcase BattleTech miniatures at the Gen Con Game Fair.

This year’s diorama featured the Battle of Cairo. Check out and the over 60 individual, close-up photos of the action!

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The assassination of Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion in 3055 sent shockwaves throughout the Federated Commonwealth. In the secessionist Isle of Skye, it lit the fires of rebellion once again. The Free Skye Separatist movement brought things to a boil in April 3056 on the insignificant world of Glengarry. Only one obstacle stood in their way: […]

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CSO Artists have taken top honors at Gen Con again!

Continuing for the third year in a row, CSO Artists have placed in the Gen Con “Machines of War” painting contest. Pendragon was awarded 1st place for his iconic Clan Jade Falcon Stone Rhino (Behemoth to you Spheriods) and Dak was awarded 4th place […]

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