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In early April the BattleTech Master Unit List (MUL) online went live.

For those that have not yet experienced this invaluable BattleTech game play database, the MUL is a tool for players to quickly and easily sort through the thousands of units that populate the BattleTech game/universe when creating a force for a game, a campaign, and so on.

The MUL is a living database. Instead of waiting until it was fully populated by all extent Technical Readouts and other sourcebooks (for example the units from Technical Readout: 3067 and Technical Readout: 3057 still need to be added), Catalyst Game Labs felt the MUL had reached a point to unleash it on the community. While the community helps to find errors and tailor the site to suit their needs by comments on the official BattleTech forums, we continue to generate information to fold into the MUL in future updates.

The latest update to the site, while not content oriented, directly aids players in easily building forces for any type of game. Once you’ve searched through the Unit List and added units to your force, on the My Force page of the MUL, it keeps a running Battle Value total of all units you’ve added. Each unit has a Piloting/Gunnery pull down menu, allowing you to set any value, after which you save the new values and it auto updates the running Battle Value based upon the tweaked Piloting/Gunnery Skills.

It’s never been easier to sort through units, tweak your forces to a given battle value, and get ready to roll your dice!

We’ll announce additional content and site usability updates as they become available.


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