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Virtual World Entertainment™ is proud to announce the return of Red Planet™ for the Tesla II Cockpit System.

After extensive testing and evaluation by some of its premier independent operators, Virtual World Entertainment™ has authorized the general release of Red Planet™, allowing owners and operators of Virtual World’s™ Tesla II cockpit system an opportunity to offer an additional out of this world experience along-side the well-established hit, BattleTech™: Firestorm.

By releasing Red Planet™, Virtual World™ is following through on its commitment to continue extending the life and value of its legacy out of home entertainment platform while it continues to develop new, next generation products.

Originally developed as the launch title for the first generation Tesla VR cockpit platform, Red Planet™ was ported to the current Tesla II platform by Dallas, Texas based Elsewhen Studios. This Red Planet™ release also includes a new cockpit management suite developed by Elsewhen Studios to help facilitate the implementation of Red Planet as well as allowing greater remote management of Tesla II cockpits from the central operator’s station, increasing overall cockpit management efficiency.

Virtual World will be allowing all Tesla II Operators in good standing an opportunity to trial Red Planet™ for 30 days at no cost, allowing each player community a chance to re-visit the canals of Mars at excessive speeds to decide for themselves if Velocity truly equals Victory.

    Fly in a futuristic armored hovercraft through the canals of Mars in this high-speed death race, against up to seven other players. Your mission is to score points on a race course filled with closing doors, twisting tunnels and other obstacles. You need to get from score zone to score zone, as fast as you can. And do everything in your power to prevent your opponents from doing the same.

    Enter the Tesla™ System cockpit. You won’t believe your eyes. Each cockpit is complete with six monitors, a large radar screen and military-style joystick. Slide your cockpit door shut. Your palms begin to sweat as you clutch the joystick and throttle. Are you sure you can handle this? In the next instant, you are launched to the year 2057. The roar of 12 speaker surround-sound kicks in. The 3D graphics of the infinity optics system turn your main screen into a window to another dimension.

    The race begins and you’re careening through canals, fighting for your life. An unlucky opponent explodes against a closing door. Dodge the tumbling wreckage. Fire off one of your solid rocket boosters and now you’re going way too fast. Prepare to use a chute to slow down for the score zone. Red Planet is no ordinary race. Imagine rocket-propelled bumper cars at 300 mph.

    The rush of adrenalin only makes you want to play again. In fact, many players never stop. Some have played Red Planet more than a thousand times. It’s always a different game. Always a fresh thrill. Try all twenty vehicles, all five race courses.

    Once you’ve grasped the basics, it’s time to try “Martian Football.” This is simply the most exciting interactive team experience on the planet. It’s four on four without limits. Exuberant vocal outbursts are the norm as you and your teammates maul your way to victory.

    Following all Red Planet games, players watch a full replay on monitors. The players watch their game from a spectator’s point of view. An individual score sheet is given to each player detailing game highlights including laps, speed and even fatalities.

Virtual World
Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Virtual World Entertainment® is a leading supplier of high-end, centerpiece attractions to the location-based entertainment industry. Virtual World® has produced and distributed cockpits since 1989. Virtual World Entertainment®, LLC is a privately held company. Visit today at .

Elsewhen Studio
Elsewhen Studios is a cutting edge game and software development company. Working from Dallas, Texas, Elsewhen Studios has been creating elegant software solutions and rich entertainment experiences since 2009. Red Planet and the Tesla Management System mark Elsewhen Studios’ entrance into the location-based entertainment industry.


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