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From the monthly archives: July 2012

Catalyst Game Labs will be attending Pax Prime 2012, where you can find all the latest releases for BattleTech!

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‘Mech Madness This Friday!

This Friday Nvidia is hosting Piranha Games and MechWarrior Online with ‘MechWarrior Community Day’, at the Nvidia offices in Santa Clara, California. Guests will get the chance to meet with Russ and Bryan, IGP reps and Nvidia staff, view developer demos, learn more about our technology, enjoy free beer and pizza […]

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Battling in a land of acidic haze and caustic heat, be prepared to watch your step and avoid the many sources of heat around the map. Founded by the defunct Commonwealth Mining Corporation, the valley is a lifeless, tide-locked rock laced with titanium, platinum, sulphur and countless other minerals.

As you work your way through […]

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“Soaring above the battlefield, the Spider‘s twin Medium Lasers dig into the back of an Atlas. As the Spider hits the ground, the pilot pivots it beneath a cliff edge, before running out again, and rocketing forward at 129 km/h, rockets over the enemy Lance and digs into the back of the Atlas once more.


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The PDF/Print Pre-Order for Field Manual: SLDF is now available.

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“Cresting the ridge, the pilot looked down at the scene unfolding. Servos whining and parts clicking into place, he quickly glides his crosshair over the first enemy ‘Mech spotted.

And no matter how many times he’s seen this scene, he still pauses.

The tiny scout ‘Mech in the background, weaving between an Atlas, an Awesome, […]

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