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“Sir, I feel I must again protest that you do this alo-“


“This far into the Per-“

“I am aware this is a non-sanctioned drop – if you do not want to be here, feel free to return to the DropShip.”

“It’s not that sir, we are simply worried about […]

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MechWarrior Tactics Beta Primer

On November 30, 2012 By

Greetings, MWT Community!

Wow, over 30,000 real people on our forums! In celebration of that milestone, I am writing this post for the new, the curious and for those that need a refresher.

Today, I am going to fire up the ol’ jump jets and take you for a look down from above on the […]

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“After the last battle, he’d finally saved up for his perfect customization. He’d been waiting for this battle with a tight anxiety, and now his palms were sweating as he was finally here, finally ready.

His role today was guarding the left flank. As they fanned out from the dropsite, his partner, a Jenner, made […]

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Two opportunities to interact with Randall Bills concerning all things BattleTech.

October 24th: Reddit Chat

The first is a Reddit AMA chat at 4PM PST today, the 24th. He’ll be discussing his work on BattleTech (both his direct work as well as his strategic position collaborating with the Line Developer Herb Beas), as […]

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“Their lance was damaged, but operational. The enemy they had been hunting, a single opposing lance, had already destroyed two others. Though their ‘Mechs had been battered in the fighting, only one opponent remained. As they hunted it down, their coms suddenly barked to life.

“Ach ye ken ye have me cornered dun ye laddies? […]

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“As closed beta draws to an end we would like to take this moment to thank those that participated, without their help we could not have gotten this far.

At first hearing about the Open Beta launch many of our players will feel concerned and say to themselves “Why go open beta now?” or “wait […]

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MechWarrior: Tactical Command puts the world of BattleTech into the palm of your hand!

Take control of a ‘Mech squad and battle your way through 21 missions across three planets laden with political intrigue and corruption. MechWarrior: Tactical Command delivers the finest real-time strategy (RTS) experience with unique touch screen controls for iOS devices. […]

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“Do any of you have any idea what we’re doing here?”

“Yeah, walking around like idiots.”

“Seriously who sent us here?”

“Must be another joke from the sergeant.”

The quartet of cadets moved forward, scanning left and right. Atlas D, Catapult K2, Hunchback 4G and Dragon 1N making up their lance.


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A Time of War Companion PDF Available For $15!

“Launch yourself into the universe of BattleTech with new technologies and prove your heroism to House Lords and Khans alike! Visit strange and distant worlds, and battle alien beasts beyond your wildest dreams! Demonstrate new combat techniques both in and out of the cockpit while navigating […]

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“Moving into the medium weight class, the Trebuchet offers the first reall missle fire-support ‘Mech. Boasting two LRM 15s, with good speed, the ‘Mech can move rapidly from covered position to covered position, while laying down heavy suppression fire. Its only Achilles Heel is its low ammo load; a triple threat of Medium Lasers helps […]

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