We are very pleased to announce that Smith & Tinker has authorized us (MekTek.net) and our professional studio (MekTek Studios) to distribute and package a worldwide free release of MechWarrior4 and all of its expansions.

This free release of MechWarrior 4 commemorates BattleTech’s 25th anniversary as well as MekTek’s 10th anniversary, and will allow BattleTech fans a chance to re-discover MechWarrior, as well as help us bring in a new army of players who are discovering MechWarrior and the BattleTech universe for the first time, completely for free.

MekTek views this partnership as a hallmark moment for the global MechWarrior 4 community. We welcome the opportunity for the MekTek team to officially take a leadership role in the cultivation and development of the on-line MechWarrior 4 communities in support and anticipation of the recently announced MechWarrior game by Smith & Tinker and Piranha games.

We are honored by the opportunity bestowed upon us by Smith & Tinker and its partners, and we hope the online community will enjoy this free release all the while recognizing the support and commitment that Smith & Tinker, Catalyst Games, and MekTek.net has made to the BattleTech fans around the world.

MekTek.net is an on-line community founded by Vince ‘VAM’ McMullin in 1999 to provide free downloadable content and tools, developed in-house, for the Mechwarrior series of video games. To date, MekTek has released 3 major fan made Mechwarrior 4 content expansions (known as MekPaks) and has the final iteration (known as MP4) in development.

MekTek Studios
MekTek Studios, established in 2006, is a Canadian based software development studio out of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada specializing in 3D geospatial development and virtual environment replication. MekTek Studios is currently pioneering geospatial development projects for corporate and academic clients nationally as well as continuing to work on gaming related projects including the last expansion pack for Mechwarrior 4 (MP4), Assault Tech1: BattleTech (AT1:BT) and the development of the NP project – a cross-platform, shader ready .NET engine.


35 Responses to MekTek.net Honored To Distribute MechWarrior 4

  1. DeJaVu says:

    This is very nice news. Thx.

  2. alex182 says:

    Will it be patched to run on Vista/Win7? I know I had problems getting anything less than Mercs to run in XP.

  3. CrimsonKnight13 says:

    I’m really looking forward to when its available to download.

    @alex182 – Having it run on Win7 x64 would be really nice for sure.

  4. tobyone says:

    awesome! great news for all of us that have been on the mech’s for years now. I look forward to getting in on in a metal suit again soon 🙂

  5. gregor7777 says:

    Very nice.

    So, the million dollar question: when?

  6. TomoMato says:

    Mechwarriors… sure been a while…
    *hopes up*

    if things go well maybe they can make another Mechcommander series too!?

    *got hopes up more*
    😀 😀 😀

  7. 3rrT1n says:

    All my dreams are coming through.
    I’ve been praying for this for years.
    A new game. And MW4 will be free. My old version stopped working a while ago. And after I couldn’t find it in stores I resorted to a torrent. But Instant action and the mechlab didn’t even work. Due to badly coded cracks. And you can’t imagine what torture it is to not have instant action and more importantly. THE MECH LAB.
    I shouldn’t even explain it. Its obvious.

    One thing. MAKE SURE THERE IS A PATCH FOR XP AND VISTA! (and maybe win7)
    Not to many people have win95 or 98 anymore.

  8. yacoub says:

    This includes Mercenaries and the two Mech Packs that MS released, yes?

    If so, that’s incredibly awesome. I hope it brings some new players that become fans like the old timers and we get a solid playerbase in time for the new MechWarrior game’s release so S&T gets some good sales revenue from it and is encouraged to continue building the franchise. =)

  9. tony2077 says:

    when will it be released

  10. DeeBeeP says:

    I teared up as soon as I read this. Maybe even the MW4VL will make a return if we can get the hundreds of veteran’s to come out of retirement.

  11. lulu6767 says:

    how to download?

  12. NovaKaine says:


  13. dnunesbr says:


  14. DaigojiGai says:

    Oh pls, do this soon. After seeing the video for the MechWarrior reboot, and reading the interview (which brought tears to my eyes) it sounds like the dumbed down period of MechAssault is over and Battletech is returning in true form with MECHWARRIOR! HUZZAH!

    Fond memories of this franchise starting with my first unit, Wolf’s Dragoons, rocking the netmech ’95 and kali scenes – wonder if there are any Mech4 Iron Brigade members still lurking about, fun unit to be a part of when the game first came out.

    Can not wait, especially to show some new wetnoses how old school warriors really get down!

    • Weazel says:

      @ DaigojiGai

      I don’t recall the name but I’m from the original IRON Brigade MW4 unit. A lot of the old timers (carni, imp, turg and more) moved to another site (iron-phoenix dot com) after some issues came up.

      Feel free to hit us up on our forums as we are gung-ho for the new MW game. Would love to hear from ya there.

  15. Annihilator says:

    Please let me know when and where! I totally want to have it.!

  16. Fafnir says:

    This is gonna rock!! I have been waiting impatiently for years!! How many others still play mech4 and mercs?

  17. DeaconXPS says:

    This is Grrrreaaat!

  18. Zac says:

    Excellent news

  19. mauler13 says:

    I have Vengeance, Black Knight, and Mercs, but not the mechpaks. This is gonna be awesome, i wont have too use the discs anymore to play them 😀

  20. GMDGEEK says:

    Any word as to when it will be available for download? I’m home recovering from knee surgery and it sure would rock to have…

  21. Crunchy says:

    Can’t wait. Don’t have my CD’s anymore and I’ve missed REAL mechwarrior. Mechassault makes me sad.

  22. -Shadowalker- says:

    WHEN!!!! WHEN CAN WE HAVE IT ZOMFG IM DIENG HERE WHERE IS IT… need… total… destruction… right… now…

  23. Barabomb1948 says:

    Yahoo! Awesome! This makes me tickled!

    When! When! WhenWhenWhen!

    Also, since I’m an Old Bat on a fixed income, it’s gonna be a while before my PC sock is full so I can purchase a new PC. Please make it so that it runs on XP!


  24. lonewolf1044 says:

    The trailer for Mechwarrior 5 looks great and if there is no bumps in the road I will be definantly getting that. Thank goodness the tech for mechwarrior has evolved. Mechassualt was ok and it lacked the rules of previous mech games. I have all the cds from Mechwarrior 1 through Mechwarrior 4. But getting them to work can be a b++++.

    • strykerwolf says:

      That’s not MW5. It’s a Reboot of Mechwarrior. Hence, it’s a total revamp and launch in the franchise if you look at it one way. But yes. A definite step up and I’m looking forwards to the both the release of MW4 and all it’s expansions, plus the release of their 4th and final mechpack for Mercenaries.

  25. Highflyer131 says:

    Its a dream come true

  26. C_HawkRev says:

    Will the old version still work?

  27. mechanaut says:

    How long are we goin’ to have to wait!
    Gimme gimme gimme GIMME!!!

    P.S. Does it work on Vista? Windows 7? OR better yet, LINUX?!

  28. trcrtps says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!Vista 64 compatible!!

  29. RagingMonkey says:

    I knew that if we the fans of MechWarrior stuck to it long enough, our prayers would be answered. This was my first on-line game ever. The friends I made are sorely missed and there was nothing better than to offer our mercenary skills to keep the peace in a world of chaos.

    Long Live the Fighters!

    PS- Da Bum I miss your leadership if you are still out there.

  30. thajuicilous1 says:

    theophilosity says: August 3, 2009 at 1:23 amUmmm…wow, anybody heard of either “google” or “reading the whole thread”? Check mektek.net for info. There will be scores of mechs more than the original M$ release, many more weapons, a single installer, auto-updates, replacement for zonematch, etc. Most of this stuff has been around, but of course not with the whole free release of mercs. vengeance and black knight won’t be released right away, but they’ve said they intend to release the campaigns (the important part) as add-ons for the release later. There are already clans and leagues and whatnot of players, of course there will be more once the free release happens. Also, in an update they said they are still on track for a release in August, and they do indeed mention some of the remaining items before release. Oh, and – it will work on Vista 32- and 64-bit, along with any Windows versions it’s worked on before. Linux and Mac I’m not sure about, but I’m sure it’ll have about the same level of compatibility with wine as the original release of mercs. Don’t complain about info not existing until you’ve checked.


    I thought I would post this for those following this thread and maybe not the other one. Thanks to theophilosity for posting this info so the rest of us didnt have to…lol. 🙂


    • strykerwolf says:

      Always make sure to check all available sources before you start going off the handle. Way to go Juice 😀