The MechJock Team ( descended on the Origins Game Fair 2009 with a vengeance, setting up a massive 12 BattleTech: Firestorm Virtual World pods for a BattleTech immersion experience like no other. Opening at 10 AM Wednesday the MechJock Team ran 24 hours a day until they packed up at 4 PM Sunday.


Friday Night saw PPCs flaring, autocannons blazing and missiles hammering away as almost 50 players went head-to-head in a double-elimination Gunslinger dueling tournament. DK emerged the winner (TopGun505 coming in second place) after a grueling 4 hours of fighting.


All told, more than a staggering 2600 games were played across 4 days, equaling over 300 man-hours of pure BattleTech adrenaline and excitement.

Keep looking here for future announcements of what conventions will be hosting BattleTech: Firestorm Virtual World pods!


One Response to BattleTech Firestorm Virtual World pods At Origins Game Fair 2009

  1. TimberJon says:

    Annd I still have not sat in a couch yet. Are these pods the latest version? or are they the pods that were last announced about 2 years ago? Where are they going next?