Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce it has been nominated for 7 ENnie Awards.

Best Cover Art: CthulhuTech
Best Interior Art: CthulhuTech
Best Production Value: CthulhuTech
Best Supplement: CthulhuTech: Vade Mecum
Best Regalia: BattleTech: The Corps (anthology)
Best Free Product: BattleRun
Best Game: CthulhuTech

We’re honored the judges have selected our products for so many nominations. As a fan-based celebration of all that’s great in tabletop roleplaying gaming, we’re excited to have our books up for review by fans that’ll ultimately decide which they enjoyed the most.

We encourage all fans to visit starting on the 24th of July to vote for the best books and we look forward to the ENnie Awards Ceremony at Gen Con 2009!


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