With their usual efficiency and dedication, the MechJock Team (mechjock.com) landed with both feet firmly planted; a Highlander-buriel of the highest order. As with the Origins Game Fair in June, the team set up 12 BattleTech: Firestorm Virtual World pods for one of the most spectacular BattleTech experiences you can enjoy.


Running 24-hours a day for four days, the team ran over 3,000 missions. That’s more than 350 hours of the finest electronic BattleTech experience available.


The MechJock Team also unveiled their version of the Stanly Cup this year: Top Shelf Killer. It’s awarded to the person who gets the most kills in a full (all 12 pods, in this case), all same weight-class match. The winner of each weight class will have their names etched on the trophy and it’ll travel to each BattleTech: Firestorm pods appearance where winners will be announced and the next set of names added to the Top Shelf Killer trophy.

“Smiling Bandit” took the Small, Medium and Heavy weight class, while “Zac Candy” (pictured above) took the Assault weight class award.


The MechJock Team at the end of their finest deployment yet!

(Thanks to Marc Santos for the great pictures for this post.)


2 Responses to BattleTech Firestorm Virtual World pods At Gen Con 2009

  1. Ildamos says:

    Hmm what game were they playing? MechWarrior 4? Or was it a beta version of the upcoming MechWarrior?

  2. Masteriao says:

    Sweet…. When are they Coming to my town?