May 15, 2009

Dallas, TX – Do you seek competition, camaraderie, and a little glory on the side? Care to take it up in a BattleMech®? Then make it count by doing it against the best in the nation!

VGCorps is pleased to announce September 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th as the dates for the 2009 Virtual World Invitational Tournament. In cooperation with our home site at XMax Games, VGCorps will offer events to pilots of all skill levels seeking the best in competition. This will be VGCorps first Invitational at their new site in Dallas, Texas. All pilots are invited to take part in individual and team events, as well as a Master Trial. Join us as we celebrate our new location, and our wide ranging community, with a grand competition.

Further details on events, scheduling, pricing, and local travel information will be coming soon.

VGCorps, LLC ( ) are owner/operators of Virtual World® Tesla System™ II simulator cockpits. Located at XMax Games in Dallas, TX, the Virtual World™ simulators are some of the most advanced around. With primary and secondary displays combined with Multi-Functional Displays (MFDs), a ground-pounding audio system, and countless controls these cockpit systems will make you sweat as you try to fight your way through the heat of battle! Our set of eight machines will grant you the opportunity to stomp your friends in furious games of strategic, reflexive, and piloting prowess.

XMaxgames, LLC ( ) is open in the Lakewood area of Dallas. Xmax Games is dedicated to spreading the enjoyment and creative spirit of gaming competition. Through excellence in customer service, knowledge of our games, respect for all players and a competitive and creative nature we will be the best gaming center in the Dallas metroplex.

For more information visit the VGCorps forum.

Tesla System™, and Virtual World®, Virtual Geographic League® “VGL” are registered trademarks of Virtual World Entertainment, LLC. BattleTech® BattleMech® and ‘Mech® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.


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