Catalyst is pleased to release the first two premium-quality plastic miniatures for sale through the Thor and Loki Clan OmniMechs from Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade.

These extremely high-quality miniatures are the result of a match-up between Catalyst Game Labs’ insatiable desire to continue the explosive re-birth of BattleTech popularity with Ghost Studios, a manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology utilizing a seamless all-digital process from conception to final miniature production.

However, we knew the quality of these miniatures could not simply be conveyed through an announcement. We needed to show, not tell. With that in mind we tapped a swath of artists to experience receiving the miniatures box in the mail just as anyone making a purchase will receive them. From their first blush of opening the box, to discovering the details and quality, to the painting, the artists have provided a series of uncompromising testimonials concerning these two miniatures. And of course a host of phenomenal photos accompanies their words. Check them out at

If you order a Miniature, you’ll get both an unassembled Mini ready for assembly and painting, as well as a fully assembled mini ready to place on the board and take on the Inner Sphere!

Buy the Loki OmniMech (2 Omnis, one assembled, one unassembled) – $17.95

Buy the Thor OmniMech (2 Omnis, one assembled, one unassembled) – $17.95


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