Celebrating our 10 year anniversary (and BattleTech‘s 25th anniversary) MekTek.net is pleased to announce the immediate community
release of AssaultTech1: BattleTech version 2.3.0 (better known as AT1:BT).

MechWarriors, the wait is over, choose your mech, choose your map, and choose your battle in instant action style gameplay, featuring classic BattleTech rules, in this latest standalone installment of MekTek’s MechWarrior action-simulator. Since our last AT1 release, 2.3.0 features more Mechs, new weapons, new singleplayer maps and dozens of upgrades to our ICE engine including water, weathering, and vegetation rendering updates. AT1:BT is not only sure to satisfy the Mechwarrior’s thirst for BattleMech action but is also sure to satisfy any gamer’s appetite for ‘Mech havoc.

AT1:BT, a classic MechWarrior 2 remake, developed entirely from scratch, combines ‘stompin elements from the entire MechWarrior computer game series. AT1:BT was initially developed by Benzine Studios, later adopted by Studio MekTek Inc. in conjunction with our community effort MekTek.net. For more information about AT1:BT, including new content and previews, visit MekTek at: http://www.mektek.net/.

MekTek.net was founded in 1999 to provide free downloadable content and tools for the MechWarrior comuter game series. In the past MekTek.net’s developments were entirely reverse engineered because MechWarrior 3 and MechWarrior 4 are closed source engines. Recently, Studio MekTek Inc. was established in 2006 as a private software development studio specializing in 3D development and provides development support to the MekTek.net community. MekTek’s commitment to this project is to continue the ongoing AT1 effort and follow through with the direction set forth by Benzine Studios and continue developing AT1 with these interests aligned.


2 Responses to Assault Tech 1: BattleTech 2.3.0 Technical Public Beta Release + MTX Public Beta Release

  1. Haddock says:

    well that’s cool!

  2. coRpSE says:

    interesting, still not sure I know what it is, is it just a patch?

    I been out of mechwarrior for a very long time and once heard about the free release, been waiting for that, but so far all I heard is, its coming. I pretty much given up on that and looking forward to the new one that’s supposed to be coming out.