On behalf of both BattleTech and MechWarrior officials, MekTek.net is conducting a series of BattleTech based polls, over the coming weeks, including this week’s poll on your favorite BattleTech era. We can not comment on the official basis for these polls. This poll is not related to the development of the MechWarrior 3015 game announced by Piranha Games Inc in July 2009.

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This weeks Poll: Your Favorite BattleTech Era!

Do you want your favorite BattleTech era featured in an up and coming OFFICIAL digital production? We here at MekTek have been asked by official developers to poll the MechWarrior and BattleTech communities in an attempt to learn your favorite era of BattleMech mayhem. From the Star league to Dark Ages, and whatever else in between, express yourself on your favorite BattleTech era. If you are a new comer to the BattleTech world, and wish to do some recreational reading before making your choice, we suggest heading to the BattleTech Wiki. We also highly recommend checking out classicbattleTech.com as well as BattleCorps.com for official reading materials. And don’t forget, for your latest updates on anything BattleTech or MechWarrior visit BattleTech.com. This poll has been brought to you by MekTek.net and our official corporate head quarters Studio MekTek Inc.


One Response to MekTek Poll: Favorite BattleTech Era

  1. llglass says:

    My favorite? WOW!!!! Where to start? Well I have to say that it is 2750. They HAD all the good stuff till the succession wars started. BTW, on a side note, WHEN is the free release gonna happen? It has been forever since we have heard anything.