BattleCorps is pleased to announce the first-ever Fan Artist Contest, open to all eligible BattleCorps members. We’ve done fan ‘Mech designs, fan aerospace fighters… now we’re giving you a chance to show us your artistic skills!

This contest will run from January 20, 2010 to February 10, 2010, and is only open to BattleCorps members. Not a member? Join now.

To enter the contest, an entrant must submit one piece of original B&W art.

The illustration must be of a BattleTech-canon-compatible BattleMaster (any model, artist’s choice.)

All submissions will be posts to the 2010 Fan Art Contest section of the BattleCorps Gallery.

Entrants have until February 10, 2010 to post their submissions. That’s 21 days.

The winner will be chosen by Brent Evans, Catalyst’s Art Director for and long time BattleTech illustrator.

The prize is a contract to illustrate 1 image for an upcoming BattleTech print product*!

The winning entrant will receive art direction from the BattleTech team to ensure the images is as good as possible.

*The winning entrant must agree to allow one of the editorial artists to redraw anything should their final work fall short of production quality.

Files must be black and white, in .jpg format, and smaller than 1 mb.
Comments included must include a contact email address.

Entries outside of the guidelines or posted elsewhere will not be considered. Remote linking is not an option.

And that’s it… get your artistic gears warmed up and get drawing!


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