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Thieves, rogues, outlaws, murderers, scum-these are the pirates of the Inner Sphere. For mankind’s worst element, the chaos of the Jihad is simply another opportunity to profit through force. The tools of the militaries they face are tough, but it doesn’t take an unlimited budget and the resources of a stellar empire to get creative-and stolen prototype weapons can kill just as well as anything off the shelf. Armed with the best tech they can lay their hands on, the cleverest pirates field experimental-grade BattleMechs, vehicles, and fighters that keep their enemies guessing!

Experimental Tech Readout: Pirates samples the custom designs that have appeared in the BattleTech universe during the Jihad. Each design featured in this book incorporates some of the latest technologies developed by the realms of the Inner Sphere in their war against the Word of Blake, as first described in Tactical Operations-deployed now by the malcontents daring enough to steal them. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 13 new experimental BattleMechs, vehicles, and aerospace units, ready for play in advanced BattleTech games

Experimental Technical Readout: Pirates (Buy From BattleShop)

Experimental Technical Readout: Pirates (Buy From WargameVault)

Additionally, Catalyst Game Labs is releasing BattleTech Record Sheets: 3060 Unabridged. The PDF includes all BattleMechs, Combat Vehicles and ProtoMechs from that Technical Readout, as well as a host of new, never-before-seen variants mounting cutting edge Standard and Advanced Rules equipment from Total Warfare and Tactical Operations.

Record Sheets: 3060 Unabridged (Buy From BattleShop)

Record Sheets: 3060 Unabridged (Buy From DriveThru)

Finally, Catalyst Game Labs continues to embrace BattleTech‘s rich history, releasing 3 more sourcebooks/scenariopacks in PDF format from the FASA archives.

The Dragon Roars (Buy From BattleShop)

The Dragon Roars (Buy From WargameVault)

Field Manual: Free Worlds League (Buy From BattleShop)

Field Manual: Free Worlds League (Buy From DriveThru RPG)

Chaos March (Buy From BattleShop)

Chaos March (Buy From DriveThru RPG)


2 Responses to Experimental Technical Readout: Pirates, and other PDFs

  1. Orin says:

    Hi Randall – your link above says 3075 rather than 3060 (you link to 3060 but for a moment there I wondered if 3075 had been re-released)

    • ranbills says:

      D’OH…sorry about that…the dangers of cut and paste. It’s been corrected to RS: 3060. Thanks for the quick heads up.