MekTek has returned service to their MekMatch cluster so users should now be able to play online once again. Users are advised to ignore MTX and launch the game from their Start Menu or desktop icon until we can restore our web services.


3 Responses to MechWarrior 4 Free Update

  1. The Wolf says:

    I am very happy to hear the interest in BattleTech/MechWarrior is as large as it is. I do have a question or two, though…

    1) Is there to be any back story/fluff/BattleTech universe history put up anywhere, or links to those archives already extant, so new players can get a clue what the universe is supposed to be about, or is the game just to be a kill-fest?

    2) Is there any sort of league/universe service that will support, and keep interested, a community whose interest is historically proven to be fleeting?

    I’m just asking the hard questions, guys.

  2. lonewolf1044 says:

    It would have been nice for Microsoft to also host DLing. I do not like DLing from torrent sites and the servers in Mektek are so slow. Even though I have the patches and all the expansions to Mechwarrior 4, I am wondering if the version Mektek is providing us has it been tweaked?

  3. The Wolf says:

    If I understand it right, yes it’s been tweaked. MekTek has, from what I’ve read, improved the matching engine, and made online interactions a lot easier to deal with all around. Also, there are the MekPaks, which are excellent and, I hope, one day, MekTek will take all of the missions from the older games and put them into an off-line missions pack with the option to play them on-line, as well.

    Look, MekTek’s staff has had problems with a lot of people on their forums, their attitudes have never been real great, and I think they’ve chased off folks by starting the badgering against certain people asking questions again on a forum with thousands of posts to search through and a search engine that has never worked real great, but the quality of their work with MechWarrior MekPaks is beyond reproach. Ignore getting on their forums and just d/l what they’ve offered, like consumers should with ANY game company, and you’ll have a game they’ve managed to turn, for the most part, back to BattleTech, rather than the debacle Micro$oft put out, without the problems of either company.