San Antonio, TX, – June 1, 2010

Hordes of aspiring Robot Jocks will be assembling at the San Antonio Event Center to release havoc upon their enemies, and MechCorps is bringing up the ammunition. The MechCorps’ Mobile Armor Division BattleTech Pods will be cranking out missions in hopes of finding the best ‘Mech Pilots.

Exhibition matches will be held including the Halo 405th Infantry against the 501st StormTrooper Legion!

The Virtual World Tesla II® BattleTech Cockpit Simulator Pods deliver adrenaline-pumping action. Every moment counts as you control a thirty foot tall, 75-ton walking tank, blasting your way to victory. From the moment you spot an opponent on your radar screen to the explosive battles, you are exhilarated. Enjoy the hunt for prey in a futuristic wasteland from inside our BattleTech Pods.

Go up against live and additional AI opponents in team or free-for-all mayhem. BattleTech is not hide and seek, it’s seek and destroy.

A short training session from Veteran MechWarrior Pilots will get you ready for battle. Afterwards, you can talk smack while enjoying a mission review video of your battle and comparing your scoresheet to the other pilots in your mission.

Get a head start via the Training Video and Manual on the MechCorps website:

MechCorps Entertainment, LLC is the largest independent operator of Virtual World Entertainment’s Tesla II BattleTech: Firestorm Cockpit Simulator Pods with it’s main base of operation in Houston, Texas. MechCorps’ Mobile Armor Division is the touring branch of MechCorps traveling to various conventions and other remote deployments across the United States. MechCorps Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company. Visit for more information.

Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Virtual World Entertainment is a leading supplier of high-end, centerpiece attractions to the location-based entertainment industry. Virtual World has produced and distributed cockpits since 1989. Virtual World Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company. Visit today at

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