In November 3067 the Word of Blake unleashed the Jihad: a war unlike any seen in centuries. In the furious campaign of terror and deception, billions have died, mighty armies have fallen and ancient empires have shattered. Yet heroes have arisen, the tide has fully turned…and the end comes.

Coming soon, three indispensable BattleTech sourcebooks will cover the last years of the Jihad and the founding of The Republic of the Sphere as humanity begins the painful process of rebuilding.

An unparalleled time of excitement you can participate in, in every game you play!

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Jihad Hot Spots: Terra

Jihad Hot Spots: Terra is more than just the next installment in the Jihad plot sourcebook series. 3078 is the pivotal year of the entire Jihad conflict. The massed allied armies of the Inner Sphere, having cracked the Blakist Hegemony, assault Terra on a scale not seen since Aleksandr Kerensky freed humanity’s birthworld from Amaris the Usurper at the fall of the first Star League three centuries ago.

In addition to the “Jihad Hot Spot”-style sourcebook coverage for the years 3077-3078, a mini Terra System sourcebook will cover this most important of all star systems in a level of detail never before provided to BattleTech players. The book includes a rules section covering the complete system defenses of humanity’s cradle, such as the Castle Brian complexes, Caspar II drones, SDS surface-to-orbit capital weapons, Meggido satellites and more.

Technical Readout: 3085

Technical Readout: 3085 covers from the middle of the Jihad until several years after its end and into the start of the next BattleTech Era: Dark Age. As with any Technical Readout, this sourcebook provides a wealth of new battle armor, vehicles, BattleMechs and aerospace units that premiered during the final years of the Jihad and its aftermath.

In addition, for the first time ever in a Technical Readout, a conventional infantry section details the most elite and unique infantry organizations from across the Inner Sphere that proved so vital in the down-and-dirty fighting of the Jihad: from House Davion’s Blue Water Marine Response Teams, to ComStar’s Explorer Corps Hostile Environment Recon Units, to the Rasalhague Dominion’s Tyr Counter Insurgency Platoons and the Taurian Concordat’s Special Asteroid Support Forces. These descriptions and more will give players a host of ideas for infantry action from the board game to A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG.

BattleMechs that previously appeared in Technical Readout: Project Phoenix find a new home here as well, with newly commissioned artwork by Matt Plog, updated information for the ‘Mechs’ deployments through the end of the Jihad, and new variants.

Finally, with rumors of the Word of Blake potentially fielding Land-Air BattleMechs, a Star League section provides a historical look at the original four LAMs (including the prototype Shadow Hawk), with all new illustrations. (All new, fully meshed rules for complete LAM use will be published in the Interstellar Operations core rulebook, currently in development; quick-start LAM rules will appear in Record Sheets: 3085.)

Jihad: Final Reckoning

Jihad: Final Reckoning brings to a close the current massive story arc begun in 2005 with the publication of the Dawn of the Jihad sourcebook. Covering the years 3079 to 3081, this sourcebook not only wraps up the final battles that occur after the titanic events of the Terran System invasion, but includes complete deployment, movement and conflict tables for all military forces involved with the Jihad across the entire fourteen-year conflict.

The book also sets the stage for the various factions coming out of the Jihad, as well as covering new factions that have arisen, such as the Republic of the Sphere, with rules for their use.

Finally, The Legacy of the Word and Rules sections cover the Hidden Five Worlds, as well as revealing a host of previously hidden technologies in development but never fielded before the war ended. These include Caspar III SAS drones, Machina Domini, super-heavy BattleMechs, Celestial LAMs and more.

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