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The assassination of Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion in 3055 sent shockwaves throughout the Federated Commonwealth. In the secessionist Isle of Skye, it lit the fires of rebellion once again. The Free Skye Separatist movement brought things to a boil in April 3056 on the insignificant world of Glengarry. Only one obstacle stood in their way: the venerable Gray Death Legion mercenary command.

With the bulk of the vaunted mercenaries stationed elsewhere, the Skye Separatists believed the planet Glengarry would fall quickly. The cadets and reserve units of the Gray Death Legion, under the command of Alexander Carlyle, son of their decorated leader Grayson Carlyle, had a different opinion. What followed was a savage guerilla war, with the fate of Glengarry and the entire Isle of Skye region hanging in the balance…

Historical Turning Points: Glengarry extracts the details from the classic Gray Death Legion scenario book Day of Heroes and the novel Blood of Heroes and represents it in the phenomenally successful Jihad Turning Points PDF exclusive format. Return to an earlier time in BattleTech history, when rumors of rebellion and strife threaten to tear apart the fabric of the mighty Federated Commonwealth!

This campaign series uses the Chaos Campaign rules and gives players the option of fighting individual battles, following a campaign arc, inserting it into their own campaigns and even create their own scenarios. This PDF exclusive includes a detailed map of the world of Glengarry, a run down of the forces involved in the conflict, and several tracks that players can use to run simple lance-on-lance battles, or stage up to a world-wide invasion. Only the players’ imaginations are the limits.

Operation Turning Points: The Red Corsair (Buy From BattleShop)

Operation Turning Points: The Red Corsair (Buy From DriveThru RPG)

Additionally we’ve added two new Vintage BattleTech PDF: the Shattered Sphere sourcebook and the Rhonda’s Irregulars scenario pack.

Shattered Sphere (Buy From BattleShop)

Shattered Sphere (Buy From DriveThru RPG)

Rhonda’s Irregulars (Buy From BattleShop)

Rhonda’s Irregulars (Buy From DriveThru RPG)

Finally, we’ve also posted corrected PDFs for Technical Readout: 3085 and Technical Readout: 3039 (if you’ve previously purchased either PDF from BattleCorps/DTRGP you should be receiving an email to download the updated PDF for free):

Technical Readout: 3039 (Buy From BattleShop)

Technical Readout: 3039 (Buy From DriveThru)

Technical Readout: 3085 (Buy From BattleShop)

Technical Readout: 3085 (Buy From DriveThru RPG)


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