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It’s been a long haul, but Catalyst is extremely excited to announce that A Time of War, the fifth core rulebook in the award-winning BattleTech line, is at the printers and will be on store shelves in time for Christmas (once we have a definitive Street Date, we’ll post it).

The photo below shows the printer proofs for the entire body of the rulebook, along with the cover and endsheet. [Every book generates such proofs at the beginning of the printing process, which are carefully reviewed for any final errors, after which they are sent back to the printer; these proofs have been fully approved and A Time of War is into its full print cycle.]

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While the delays on the printing of A Time of War have allowed Catalyst to tap the community in a Beta Test (and more) to continually improve this rulebook, the players have been patiently waiting for the print release of the first update to a BattleTech RPG in well over a decade. Catalyst would like to thank the community for their continued support and enthusiasm for one of the longest living games in the industry by also announcing a Limited Edition printing simultaneously with the standard print version.

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The following additional material has been added to the Limited Edition version:

  • Special Edition cover
  • Unique page indicating book number (only 700 LEs available) [Click here for a preview]
  • An all new, original short story by Michael Stackpole (the beginning of the original Red Corsair as Katrina Steiner, Morgan Kell and Arthur Luvon flee to the Periphery to safeguard Katrina’s life and begin plotting to put her on the throne of the Lyran Commonwealth) [Click here for a prefinal preview]
  • Each LE will include the following signatures (not digital reproductions, but actual signatures): Jordan Weisman, Michael A. Stackpole, Loren L. Coleman, Randall N. Bills, and Herb A. Beas II.
  • A double-sided poster map: one side displays the spine image found on the BattleTech Core Rulebooks, the other a cascade of faction logos and personalities from the universe. [Click here and here, respectively, for pre-final previews]
  • Cloth bookmark.

With both versions fully at the printer, pre-orders for these much anticipated books are now available.

    Pre-order the standard version ($49.99 + shipping) here.

    Pre-order the Limited Edition version ($74.99 + shipping) here.

As a further ‘thank you’ to the community we’re offering a combination pre-order of both books at a substantial discount. Thank you for your never-ending enthusiasm for giant, metal titans storming across alien worlds for star-spanning empires!

    Pre-order the standard and Limited Edition versions combo ($99.99 + shipping) here.

Retailers looking to order the Limited Edition can find the sellsheet here; limited numbers will be available through your regular distributor.

Finally, if you’ve not yet picked up a copy of the PDF, it’s only $15…check it out!

[Please note the Limited Edition is not available in PDF format.]


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