Over the weekend Catalyst Game Labs sent the following email to anyone whose purchased anything through our online shop (battlecorps.com/catalog).

    Dear Customer,
    Catalyst Game Labs has been hard at work creating numerous new PDFs that explore the Shadowrun and BattleTech universes in new and exciting ways. We’re proud of the new ideas and topics the electronic medium allows us to uncover for the community that might not find a place in a print book.

    If you’ve not yet had a chance to check out one of our low-priced PDF-only books for either universe, please take a look “on us.” We’ve recently mailed you a voucher you can use to peruse our PDFs and choose one that’s right for you.

    Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for the games we all love!

    Catalyst Game Labs

A $4.95 voucher was also emailed out over the weekend. Unfortunately it appears that due to a glitch some people never got the email and only the voucher, while others only got the email and no voucher.

First, we hope this announcement helps to clear up the confusion over this voucher (note to Catalyst-self, don’t do this over a weekend in the future).

Second, if you never received your voucher and yet you received an email, feel free to contact customerservice.catalyst@gmail.com so we can get you your credit.

Sorry about the confusion and we hope you enjoy the voucher!


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