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So yesterday I got a big, heavy box from the printer containing the front end sheet for the A Time of War Limited Edition.

For those that haven’t really paid attention to such things before, pick up any hardback book and open up the cover. You’ll notice a card stock (i.e. stiff) page that is adhered to the hardback cover that then is also the first “page” you turn in the book before you get to the “title page”; in most books there is some type of graphic printing on both sides of this card stock: that’s the “end sheet.”

As mentioned in the LE announcement, we’ve several people directly signing each front end sheet. While the printer continues to work on the rest of the book, these front end sheet are now on The Great A Time ow War LE Signing Race.

As my tweets indicated yesterday, I spent some four plus hours pounding through the 700 sheets as you can see in the photos to the right (for those wondering, the beard’s in preparation for demoing Leviathans at Steamcon II). That’s actually only about 500 sheets; there were still 200 or so sitting in a box behind me.

Randal Signing 2.JPG

I finished up my signing yesterday, after which Loren picked them up and was up till the wee hours wrapping up his signatures. He’s literally on his way right now to drop the box in a same-day mailing down to Michael Stackpole in Arizona. Mike will sign them over the weekend and have them over to Jordan Weisman to sign by Monday, then they’ll be shipped across country for Herb to sign them. After which Herb will then overnight them back to the printer, who’ll immediately bind them into the book at the end of next week to keep everything on track for having the books in hands by Christmas!

If I get more photos of additional signings, I’ll post those to keep track of where the sheets are at!



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  1. Orin says:

    I pre-ordered this the moment you put it up – thanks for going to all this work!