No, we don’t have a Street Date just yet…but we’ve reached a very critical milestone (the last, really, until it hit the streets), so wanted to immediately share the good news with all of you that have been patiently waiting for this newest and best incarnation of the BattleTech Introductory Box Set.

The last of the printer proofs for all elements of the box set have been approved and the paper product (including the box) are fully printing.

I’ve included a pile of photos below of proofs of all the various elements. As you can see, the bag-‘o-minis, the two high-quality miniatures (inside the small white boxes labeled “Thor” and “Loki”) and the maps are already done and in hand…just need the paper side to catch up.

[For those that haven’t caught the explanation in one of my previous posts, every book/box set generates such proofs at the beginning of the printing process (including a “white sample” of the box itself), which are carefully reviewed for any final errors, after which they are sent back to the printer.]

IntroBoxSet_Quick-Start Proofs.JPG

Quick-Start Rules proof

IntroBoxSet_Record Sheets Proofs 1.JPG

Record Sheet booklet proof

IntroBoxSet_Record Sheets Proofs 2.JPG

Record Sheet booklet proof (back of the booklet)

IntroBoxSet_Rulebook Proofs.JPG

Rulebook proof

IntroBoxSet_Universe Book Proofs 2.JPG

Inner Sphere At a Glance proof

IntroBoxSet_Universe Book Proofs 1.JPG

Inner Sphere At a Glance proof (new fiction)

IntroBoxSet_Painting-Tactics Guide Proofs.JPG

Painting and Tactics Guide proof

IntroBoxSet_How Core Rulebook Works Proofs.JPG

How The Core Rulebooks Work proof

IntroBoxSet_Internal Paper Book Proofs.JPG

All internal paper books proofs (does not include poster map)

IntroBoxSet_White Box Set Sample Internal 1.JPG

Box white sample view 1; with final miniatures and maps

IntroBoxSet_White Box Set Sample Internal 2.JPG

Box white sample view 2; with final miniatures and maps

IntroBoxSet_White Box Set Sample Internal 3.JPG

Box white sample view 3; with final miniatures and maps

IntroBoxSet_White Box Set Sample Internal 4.JPG

Box white sample view 4; with final miniatures and maps

IntroBoxSet_Box Lid Proofs.JPG

Box lid proofs

IntroBoxSet_Box Base Proofs.JPG

Box base proofs

We’re looking at around mid February for the final product to start heading to the warehouse. Around that time we should have a Street Date, which of course I’ll Command Circuit every where, so people know when to go a-hunting.


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  1. Leonard Kerensky says:

    i am eagerly looking forward to this. oh dear gawd yes.