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Catalyst Game Labs and Ulisses Spiele are pleased to announce they have entered into a new, long-term licensing agreement for the BattleTech intellectual property. Ulisses will shortly begin development of a full BattleTech publication program, including the Introductory Box Set, the award-winning core rulebook line starting with Total Warfare, the perennial Technical Readout series, and more.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this development,” states Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “There are great, dedicated BattleTech players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that have waited a long time for this day. At one point the German BattleTech market was the largest and strongest outside of the United States. To see a publisher excited to take up the banner and challenge to re-grow that market, as we’ve done in the US, is just fantastic.”

Over the 25 years of BattleTech’s lifetime, literally hundreds of box sets, rulebooks, sourcebooks and novels have been translated and published in German (not to mention all the English titles sold). At one point BattleTech novels consistently hit the German best-seller lists, outselling every other franchise on the market.

“We are extremely enthusiastic and proud of being given the opportunity to bring BattleTech back to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets”, said Markus Ploetz, Managing Director of Ulisses Spiele GmbH. “We strongly believe now is the best time for re-launching this once strong line into the hobby and book markets, where many fans are eagerly awaiting for the return of BattleTech.”

Look to for future announcements concerning this exciting development!

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Ulisses Spiele is the largest publisher and hobby distributor of RPGs and table-top miniatures games in the German-speaking market (as well as publishing/distributing a host of other games from board, to card and more). Among those products are Das Schwarze Auge (Dark Eye)—the most successful non-English RPG in the world—the German editions of Warmachine, Hordes and Pathfinder, and the adventure games for “John Sinclair” and Markus Heitz’ Justifiers. Ulisses Spiele’s goals are to enrich the existing and potential markets by publishing high quality products in support of successful games.


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