The following vintage BattleTech novels are available in epub formats; all titles will be available through in the next few days.



Theodore Kurita, samurai tyrant of the mighty Draconis Combine, is celebrating his sixty-first birthday. Topping the guest list is an unlikely bunch of high-tech troublemakers: Camacho’s Caballeros, the toughest team of mercenary MechWarriors the Inner Sphere has ever seen. But their invitation is more than merely social. Theodore’s powerful cousin, “Uncle Chandy,” has recruited their ace operative, Cassie Suthorn, for a dangerous mission.

On an xenophobic planet where honor and duty are worshipped like deities, the freelancing Caballeros are considered barbarians. But Cassie’s covert investigation uncovers an insurrection, and Camacho’s foreign “barbarians” could be the only unit with enough guns and grit to save the Draconis Combine from its own extremists. And when the armor-piercing rockets and laser fire finally subside, counted among the slain may be Cassie and many of her courageous comrades — as well as the fragile peace of the entire Inner Sphere…

Black Dragon (Buy From BattleShop)

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It is the darkest hour of the ongoing civil war between Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and his sister, Katrina. With Victor brought low by the assassination of his love, Omi Kurita, the allied forces are rudderless. As Victor recovers in hiding, Katrina’s military rallies.

Victor’s last chance lies before him, and he will need to draw on his strongest supporters. Kell. Allard-Liao. Sandoval. Marik. Sortek. All have their parts to play s the allied forces attempt to sweep Katrina’s loyalists before them. It is their final bid to claim victory, bring a tyrant to justice, and return the thrones of two interstellar nations to benevolent rule.

Endgame (Buy From BattleShop)

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The Clans, for generations, bided their time waiting for the right opportunity to appear from the Periphery and conquer the Inner Sphere. They risked all at the Battle of Tukayyid-only to be soundly defeated. The results were deadlier than they could ever imagine.

For one devoted warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the disgrace of Tukayyid has scarred him for life. And it is this tragedy that will change the universe forever, a treater hidden beyond the Exodus Road!

Exodus Road (Buy From Battleshop)

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Captain Paul Masters, a knight of the House of Marik, is well versed in the art of BattleMech combat. A veteran of countless battles, he personifies the virtues of the Inner Sphere MechWarrior. But when he is sent to evaluate a counterinsurgency operation on a backwater planet, he doesn’t find the ideal war he expects. Instead of valiant patriots fighting villainous rebels, he discovers a guerrilla war—both sides have abandoned decency for expediency, ideals for body counts, and honor for victory. It’s a dirty, dirty war…

Ideal War (Buy From BattleShop)

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