BattleForce is the BattleTech game of lightning-fast combat. The rules ramp up standard-style game play to a fast-playing system that retains the feel of BattleTech.

Iron Wind Metals is releasing two BattleForce-scale miniatures starter boxes. For those that have never tried their hands at BattleForce, check out the free quick-start rules here (the full rules are contained in Strategic Operations).


10-048 BattleForce-scale Starter Box 1-Inner Sphere: 3 Lances (12 ‘Mechs) $44.95

    Includes Atlas, Barghest, BattleMaster, Dervish, Emperor, Gallowglass, Legionnaire, Mad Cat MK II, Nexus II, Rifleman, Starslayer, Wolfhound


10-049 BattleForce-scale Starter Box 2-Clan: 2 Stars (10 ‘Mechs) $39.95

    Includes Hellion Prime, Vixen, Cougar, Jenner IIC, Fenris, Grendel, Shadow Cat, Nove Cat, Mad Cat, Kodiak

NOTE: These miniatures work hand-in-hand with the Starter: Fist and Falcon PDF.


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