As I mentioned a week or so back on the Leviathans website, while I’m able to attend a few conventions a year, I’ve realized that I’ve gone far too long without the “gaming at a store” experience.

To rectify that situation, I’m starting to run a monthly BattleTech game at Games & Gizmos in Redmond, WA.

I’ll be running a game once a month on a Friday from 6PM till 10…ish. The first of these will be the 27th of May (if you forget the date or time, just check out the G&G calendar).

This first evening will be a Quick-Strike Rules game (a combination of the rules for BattleForce out of Strategic Operations, and miniatures rules, but on hexes). If you’ve ever wanted to learn this style of game, or just want to hang out for a cool evening of BattleTech, stop on by.

Whether I continue with these one off-style games, or start a campaign, will completely depend upon how many people plan on turning out each month, as well as what those attending want to see. I’m open to making this as cool and fun as possible.

For those local and able to attend, hope to see you there (you don’t need to bring anything, just show up!)…for those not local, I’ll be taking photos and sharing with the rest of you.

Randall Bills


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