Catalyst Game Labs had its biggest presence yet at the Origins Game Fair, including a larger booth than last year, as well as the most new releases at an Origins to date: Runner’s Toolkit, Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen Limited Edition, Spy Games, Era Report: 3062, A Time of War Gamemaster Screen (Standard & Limited Edition versions), and HexPack: Lakes and Rivers (including the DropShip Promotional Tile). We also had new, unique BattleTech and Shadowrun dice, as well as sharing the booth with Dan Tibbles and his brilliant, new IronDie.

Origins 2011_Catalyst Booth 1.jpg

Origins 2011_Catalyst Booth 2.jpg

Origins 2011_Catalyst Booth 3.jpg

Origins 2011_Catalyst Booth 4.jpg

We had some cool new additions to the booth this year as well. With Leviathans lifting off into skies of action this year, we included a diorama (by Robert DeHoff) and a 2-foot long model of the French Grenouille-class Destroyer (by Behrle Hubbuch).

Origins 2011_Leviathans Diorama.jpg

Origins 2011_Leviathans Large Model.jpg

As usual, we ran a large and aggressive schedule of events covering Shadowrun, BattleTech, and Leviathans.


We ran 46 events for 272 players, for a total of 188 hours of pure Shadowrun awesome-sauce-ness, and 250 man-hours of convention goodness.

Origins 2011_Shadowrun 1.jpg

Origins 2011_Shadowrun 2.jpg

Origins 2011_Shadowrun 3.jpg

Origins 2011_Shadowrun 4.jpg

We couldn’t possibly run such an amazing number of events with out our killer crew of shadowrunners: Bull, Galen Winkler, Geoff Raye, Nick Van, Ray Rigel, Robert Loper, Shaun Burton, Andrew Coen, Robin Sheldrake, Michael Barnes, John Schmidt, Robert Thomas, and Joseph King.


We ran 399 people (some of these were repeat players) through 115 events: 160 hours of BattleTech and 50 hours of Leviathans, for a total of 414 man hours of convention insanity.

As with Shadowrun, our demo agents are just amazing and we can’t thank them enough for all their hard work in ensuring that our gaming communities have the best gaming experience possible at a convention: Michael Miller, Alex Kaempen, Mary Kaempen, Amanda Mitro, David Leaver, James Miller, Andrew Schwenzer, Brian Huss, Craig Tome, Dan Sweikata, James O’Laughlin, Jeremy Weyand, Keith McDiffitt, Robert DeHoff, Travis Friedmann, William Pennington, Jim Topa, Eric Ergen, and John Peters.

Origins 2011_Miniatures Hall_BattleTech-Leviathans_1.jpg

Origins 2011_Miniatures Hall_BattleTech-Leviathans_2.jpg

Origins 2011_Miniatures Hall_BattleTech-Leviathans_3.jpg

Origins 2011_Miniatures Hall_BattleTech-Leviathans_4.jpg

Origins 2011_Miniatures Hall_BattleTech-Leviathans_5.jpg

Origins 2011_Miniatures Hall_BattleTech-Leviathans_6.jpg

A special shout-out to Michael Miller and Bull, both intrepid convention coordinators for all our games, not just at conventions, but also all in-store events as well. Thanks for the brilliant work often under crazy circumstances!


As usual, our friends from were there providing their unique brand of BattleTech experience…thanks to Nick Smith and his cohorts for running at all insane hours of the night!

Origins 2011_BattleTech Firestorrm_1.jpg

Origins 2011_BattleTech Firestorrm_2.jpg


We’re very pleased that the Shadowrun fiction anthology Spells & Chrome won an Origins Award! Thanks so much to all those who voted, and congratulations to all the other winners!!!


This years Origins was our best yet and we had a wonderful time. Thanks to all those that played a game or just stopped by the booth to chat. Your experience is ours and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

While it’s always brilliant to see a swath of dozens of people playing our games and catching up with convention goers we’ve been meeting for years, we just have to share one of our favorite photos of the entire convention: after this demo he played many, many more hours of Leviathans in the miniatures hall…seeing this always brings a huge smile to our faces as it shows our beloved hobby can have a bright future.

Origins 2011_Leviathans Demo.jpg

See you all next year!


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