Each convention season Catalyst Game Labs offers a new BattleTech T-shirt for those that appreciate their heavy metal mayhem apparel. This year it’s all mercenary as we offer a “TO&E Update” for the Allied Mercenary Command as of 3085. Below are photos of the front and back of the t-shirt that was available at the Origins Fair and will be available at Gen Con next week.

2011ConventionBT T-shirt_MERCS_front.jpg

2011ConventionBT T-shirt_MERCS_back.jpg

For the first time in years we’re also offering new BattleTech dice. We’ve got a color for each of the Houses, as well as a white die that can either be ComStar/Word of Blake, or as I like to use them simply as a companion to each of the colored dice.

The dice are an experiment and depending upon how they do we’ll look next year at faction-specific logos for each of the dice.

2011ConventionBT dice.jpg

There are no current plans to offer either of these items for sale outside of conventions (if that changes, we’ll notify everyone here).


One Response to 2011 Convention BattleTech T-shirt and Dice

  1. Fletch says:

    You guys should seriously look at offering these sort of items through sites like ‘ThinkGeek’. Plenty of people outside the US and Fair and Con areas who would by this sort of stuff. Posters would be another great item for players and clubs to get their hands on.