MechWarrior® Online™: Can you give us a brief biography on each of you?

[Omid] I’ve been working in the games industry as a Software Engineer since 2006. My last game before joining Piranha was EA’s NBA Jam remake (you could say I have some experience working on old, venerable IPs). I’m also a huge MechWarrior fan, so even if I wasn’t on this project I’d still be lurking on the forums and listening to “No Guts No Galaxy” with the rest of you.

[Thad] I’ve been in the games industry as a level designer since 2005. I originally got started in level design making maps at home for Jedi Knight and Rainbow Six 3. Since coming to Piranha I’ve worked on all manner of different games and genres including first person shooter, third person shooter, open world racing, track based racing, giant robots stomping around and now MechWarrior.

[Kevin] I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in New Media in 2008 and have been employed at Piranha Games ever since. I’ve always had a strong technical background mixed with my love for architecture & video games, so the career choice was a no brainer. During my time at PGI I have filled multiple roles in the art department including: Environment Artist, World Artist, Particle Effects Artist, UI & Front End Artist, as well as Technical Artist.

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