MechWarrior® Online™: First things first – give us a quick auto-biography.

[DION LINAKER] I have been designing interfaces in the games industry for the past 10 years at Electronic Arts, Bioware, Radical Entertainment, and Disney. I have always been interested in how the interface can influence and enhance the player’s experience. I find games offer unique challenges in designing user experiences in regards to UI because not only does the design of the interface need to communicate information intuitively but, it must also help support a level of immersion provided by the game play.

[COLIN HUANG] I joined Piranha Games as Database Administrator six months ago. Before this job I had been working on database design and maintenance for 15 years in several industries including online gambling (Bodog), engineering (MDA Corporation) and telecommunications (Pacific Bell).

[STEPHEN ANDRUSYSZYN] I was born and raised in upstate New York, then spent 20 years in the medical field before becoming a game programmer. I have for the last 12 years worked as a generalist programmer. Major games that I have worked on include Ghostbusters, Army of TWO, 40th day and Duke Nukem Forever.

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