“She’s reached that state – where you know things are occuring but can not think about them. Even at 129 km/h, the world blurring around her, she is utterly focussed, nothing escapes her gaze. Even before she sees it she feels it – on the other side of that hill. Self-preservation trained out of her, she whips around the corner. Her shoulders hunch forward as the enemy ‘Mech slides into view. She triggers the Medium lasers without thinking, a line grows from right arm across its back. A glorious hit! She abruptly halts, allowing herself a half second to line up another shot, dead centre of the Catapult (C1, she notes with a smirk) and – Yes! Beautiful hit, armour pours down as she adds her Small Laser to the mix. The Catapult pilot, realising she is seconds away from killing him, abruptly jump jets straight up, twisting his four medium lasers towards her.”

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