“After the last battle, he’d finally saved up for his perfect customization. He’d been waiting for this battle with a tight anxiety, and now his palms were sweating as he was finally here, finally ready.

His role today was guarding the left flank. As they fanned out from the dropsite, his partner, a Jenner, made lazy circles around him, ever vigilant for enemy light ‘Mechs. In the distance, he saw LRMs arching outward, toward his friends on the right.

“Right flank you have incoming LRMs, repeat, incoming LRMs.”

“Roger, getting into cover now!” replied one.

“We’re on it.” said another.

Hunchback, Atlas, Jenner, another Hunchback, K2 spotted!” shouted yet another, as they closed into cirlces with eachother, desperately trying to outflank their opponents.

He realised they had their hands full and two ‘Mechs still unaccounted for. His partner had still not spotted anyone, so he decided he had to press forward.”

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